Get Lost
in the Magic…

At The Madrona, guests get lost in the magic of their surroundings. Whether waking up to misty mornings, aimlessly wandering the leafy pathways and storied hallways, reveling in a convivial feast with kindred spirits, or quietly sipping cocktails on the porch to tangerine-hued sunsets, the stately manor welcomes curious travelers from all over for an experience filled with beauty, style, and delight.


A collection of classic hotel rooms and private bungalows offering an experience of uncommon hospitality.

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Dine & Drink

An all-day dining destination that celebrates the cultures, flavors, and welcoming hospitality that define Northern California.

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“The Madrona is one of those rare places that invites in the extraordinary each day. Its unique history, natural beauty, and seclusion will beckon to discerning seekers far and wide.”

– Jay Jeffers, Designer


Eight acres, replete with hidden corners, emerald-green gardens, panoramic valley views, and a grand, historic mansion estate are available to gather and enchant guests.

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Art at The Madrona

The Madrona is honored to house a unique and dynamic art collection curated by Dolby Chadwick Gallery. Most pieces throughout the hotel are available for purchase and we encourage you to explore our hallways and find a piece that inspires you.


Wednesdays Are For Fried Chicken

Weekday indulgence beckons. Join us every Wednesday for a special fried chicken experience only available on this one day each week.