Art at The Madrona

The Madrona is honored to house a unique and dynamic art collection curated by Dolby Chadwick Gallery.

Multiple pieces throughout the hotel are available
for purchase directly through the gallery.

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“My goal has always been to show art that causes a visceral reaction and opens a doorway into something else. When art does that, it elevates not just a room but the lives of the people who get to experience it.”

– -Lisa Dolby Chadwick

Dolby Chadwick Gallery

The Collection

The Collection

For twenty three years, Jay Jeffers and Lisa Dolby Chadwick have had a fun and fruitful collaboration finding art for Jay’s exquisitely designed homes. “Jay has been incredibly supportive of our artists over the years — so when he decided to renovate the hotel it was an easy decision,” says Gallery founder Lisa Dolby Chadwick. The resulting collection at the Madrona showcases a wide range of the Gallery’s accomplished artists, including works created specifically for this beautiful site.


Located in the heart of San Francisco, Dolby Chadwick Gallery was founded with the vision of creating a community of artists and art lovers, to celebrate the free exchange of ideas, and to advance artistic excellence. Since its inception in 1997, the gallery has built an international roster of artists who create exceptional work that is articulate, visceral, and provocative.

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